Grant: N0NWS Skywarn Emergency Repeater Network Upgrade

Date: June 2023
Amount: $67,750

The 49 Repeater Group, LLC, located in Southwestern Missouri, purchases, installs, and maintains amateur radio repeaters and associated network equipment throughout the area. Their mission is to save property and lives by making sure that trained storm spotters have a means to provide timely and accurate updates to the local National Weather Service (NWS). The N0NWS Skywarn Emergency Repeater Network consists of 11 repeater sites: five of the VHF/UHF repeaters are owned by 49 Repeater Group, LLC, and the other six repeaters are provided through individuals or local amateur radio clubs. While N0NWS is able to reach a large part of their region, many areas remain unreachable due to limitations of their older equipment and/or lack of locations that allow for good signal propagation.

This grant will provide funding for the expansion of the VHF/UHF amateur radio coverage in Taney County and for upgrades to unreliable and/or outdated equipment at the five aforementioned repeater sites. As a result, more operators will be able to participate in the Skywarn network due to the increase in the range and capabilities of the repeaters, and the network will be easier to manage. Further, these repeater upgrades will allow for hams in the community to take part in the configuration and installation of the new equipment, providing an opportunity to learn more about repeater technology.

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