Grant: North Middle School Founding Equipment

Date: June 2023
Amount: $2,000

The North Middle School Radio Club is a group of students, staff, and alumni that focuses on educational outreach and providing real-world exposure to science and technology, with the additional goal of inspiring members to get their Technician Class license. One of their club activities is their “Youth on the Air” net that occurs on their local 2m repeater. Currently, they participate in the net with 2W handheld transceivers (HTs). While the HTs give them exposure to communicating on the air, the limited power and battery life of the device results in their nets being short-lived.

This grant will provide funding for the club to build a base station 2m radio with ample power and cross-band repeater capability. Club members will have access to a repeater of their own once they become licensed and will be able to communicate with other licensed students both on and around campus. Also, the active participation of the club members in setting up the system (with supervision) is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice the principles of communication and how to set up a repeater system.

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