Grant: Northwest Indiana Amateur Radio Partnership for Emergency Communication, Community Outreach, and Youth Involvement

Date: November 2023
Amount: $11,694

The Northwest Indiana Amateur Radio Partnership was founded by two complementary organizations. The Ogden Dunes Amateur Radio Club (ODARC, K9ODF) was established to improve both emergency and supplemental public safety communications, as well as to promote the education and advancement of wireless technology via amateur radio. The Porter County Amateur Radio Club (PCARC, K9PC) was established to promote radio knowledge and conduct club activities and programs to promote interest of amateur radio throughout their general community. Both organizations educate the public about emergency communications and amateur radio. Their goal is to promote both the development and use of modern, resilient, and reliable emergency communications systems. These systems are crucial for transmitting accurate and timely information, as they assist first responders and public safety officials during special events, emergencies, disasters, and search and rescue missions. Together, the Northwest Indiana Amateur Radio Partnership collaborates with the Multi Agency Academic Cooperative Foundation to educate and serve the general public, first responders, public safety officials, and emergency volunteers with the overall goal of growing and supporting amateur radio through training, licensing, education, and scientific curiosity.

This grant will provide funding for the group to create club ratio stations with UHF, VHF, and HF capabilities; improve communications during times of disaster and emergencies; perform live demonstrations and offer real-world STEM-based learning; promote the development of amateur radio skills; support public service training and emergency communications; improve new club member recruitment; and strengthen both amateur radio outreach and youth involvement. As a result of this funding, amateur radio public awareness could be increased; emergency communications could be improved; public safety could be enhanced; and youth participation and involvement of youth in amateur radio could be elevated.

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