Grant: Portable Integrated Gear (PIGs)

Date: June 2023
Amount: $2,100

HAM Emergency Radio Operations, Inc. (HERO) is dedicated to boosting the emergency resilience of Hendricks County by employing amateur radio operations that can ensure reliable, robust communications during crisis situations, while promoting a culture of public service and technological education. HERO uses their equipment in multiple emergency and community-based events, such as supporting emergency nets, local parades, public training sessions and demos, SKYWARN activations, backup communications in grid-down events, and other activities involving disaster-preparedness. However, their portable integrated gear (PIGs), used for the aforementioned activities, is largely inoperable due to aging batteries.

This grant will provide funding for replacing the batteries in their PIGs with ones with lighter battery chemistry; this will allow for better public demonstrations and positive assurance that their equipment is operational and able to support the community in the event of an emergency. Additionally, fully operational PIGs will allow for HERO to demonstrate the fun and utility of amateur radio throughout their community.

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