Grant: Remove, Install and Upgrade SAARC Club’s Repeaters

Date: June 2023
Amount: $30,642

The San Angelo Amateur Radio Club (SAARC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to exhibit the power of amateur radio via serving their community, promoting public safety and preparedness, encouraging community engagement and education, and advocating for outreach, diversity, and inclusion. Currently, SAARC manages and maintains many repeaters, which either are in need of upgrades and repairs or need to be removed from their current location due to renovations.

This grant will provide funding for SAARC’s Repeater Project, which involves removing their primary 146.94 repeater and reinstalling it at a new location; restoring access to their secondary 145.27 repeater; installing a new UHF digital repeater for monitoring weather; and upgrading their older analog repeaters to analog/digital repeaters. As a result, their overall capabilities for radio communications will be enhanced, specifically with respect to emergency, health, and safety communications, all of which will lead to positive impacts on their community.

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