Grant: Rose Tech Radio Club Tower and Shack Upgrade

Date: March 2023
Amount: $32,690

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT) is an institution for secondary education in Terre Haute, IN; their mission is to provide their students with an outstanding science, mathematics, or engineering education in an environment centered around hands-on learning and individual attention. This style of learning is strengthened via the offerings of competition teams and extracurricular club organizations, such as the Rose Tech Radio Club (W9NAA.)

W9NAA, consisting of 80 members, holds weekly meetings and hosts events, such as On Campus Field Day and Saturday “fox-hunts,” both of which have resulted in significant club growth. However, the club’s physical site and aging equipment have presented significant challenges: the station’s physical location is currently under construction, and due to age and maintenance needs, the station’s tower, rotor, HF antennas, and multi-band dipole are currently all out of service. Self-funding to replace or upgrade the club’s ham shack and equipment are well beyond the club’s means.

This grant will provide funding to restore and upgrade W9NAA’s ham shack, along with their equipment and antennas. As a result, W9NAA will be able to continue to engage both their campus and their community with becoming involved with amateur radio.

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