Grant: STEM kits for Teachers

Date: November 2023
Amount: $36,875

The National Association for Amateur Radio (ARRL), established in 1914, promotes the enjoyment, science, and art of amateur radio while offering the initiatives of education, advocacy, and public service for its members. The ARRL Teachers Institute specifically aims to equip and train teachers on wireless technology to use in their classrooms. They provide the teachers with an equipment kit for said hands-on training; while this program educates teachers about wireless technology, more work is required to have a transformative impact with the students. Due to a general lack of funding, the resources to provide students with an impactful STEM education are reduced.

This funding will establish a ‘mini-grant’ program, which will allow educators who have attended the Teachers Institute (and have been trained to use the equipment kits) to request kits for student use and provide lesson plans on how they are going to incorporate the use of the kits into their curriculum. As a result, more students will be exposed to hands-on training on wireless technology, which can motivate an interest in amateur radio and all of the technology that it has to offer.

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