Grant: UCARC Relocation and Restoration

Date: June 2023
Amount: $45,203

The University of Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club (UCARC) is an organization led by students to promote amateur radio on campus, no matter their experience or academic program of study. They do this by serving as a learning resource for amateur radio topics; providing guidance to safely operate radios and associated technology; and offering an accessible radio station (W8YX), which includes HF and UHF/VHF radios and a repeater for students at the university. However, not only are UCARC’s club assets outdated and deteriorating, their current clubroom is scheduled for demolition, which requires downsizing to move into a smaller space.

This grant will provide funding for Project UCARC Relocation and Restoration, which includes the goals of having a fully operational clubroom within 6 months after their move and a cutting edge operating area within the first year. As a result, UCARC can expand their amateur radio activities beyond traditional transceiving to field operation, satellite communication, and competition worthy DX’ing; in turn, these activities will increase the diversity of the projects that the club can pursue and will also give club members a greater opportunity to teach and learn from each other.

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