Grant: Upgrade to the University Class Open Source Ground Station (UniClOGS) for Satellite Operators

Date: February 2023
Amount: $142,678

The Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS) is an interdisciplinary, open source aerospace student project at Portland State University (PSU). The students build open source amateur rockets and nanosatellites (CubeSats), all powered by amateur radio. Their club callsign is KJ7SAT. The club consist of approximately 50 students who are pursuing engineering and science degrees, as well as faculty advisors, industry advisors, and mentors. PSAS values collaboration, innovation, curiosity, perseverance, and exploration.

The PSAS University Class Open Ground Station (UniClOGS) project adds transmit capabilities to existing SatNOGS ground stations. This grant will allow PSAS to upgrade this system with the following features:

  • Add S Band (13 cm) transmit and receive radios to support high data rates
  • Incorporate a S band dish antenna
  • Upgrade the antenna mast and rotator hardware to provide precision pointing
  • Upgrade the existing electronics enclosure
  • Upgrade the SDR system components and further the development of digital modulation techniques
  • Update documentation

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