Grant: Village Level Entreprenuers ( VLEs) as Certified HAM Radio Operators in India

Date: February 2023
Amount: $8,320

The Action for Community Transformation India Foundation Trust ( ACTIF Trust) was founded on 1995 with its prime focus to support tribal communities in Tamilnadu, India and other marginalized communities with education, health, livelihood, wildlife conservation, and basic human rights. The mission of the organization is to empower and sustain the development of marginalized communities. Current programs include Basic Astronomical Sciences, STEM Education for School Children, Computer Education to Girl Children and Youths, Tribal Development, and Anti-Violence Against Women and Girls.

With this grant, ACTIF Trust will introduce amateur radio to rural populations, especially to women, students of all ages, educators, and government and non-government organizations. ACTIF Trust will use the existing structure of Common Service Centers (CSCs), run by certified Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs). Up to 30 VLEs will be trained and licensed as amateur radio operators, and they, in turn, will act as ambassadors, spreading the word about amateur radio and its usefulness to rural populations.

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