Grant: WB6BSA Radio Shack and Workshop for the Internet Age

Date: February 2023
Amount: $29,290

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is an organization that prepares their young members to make moral and ethical decisions by instilling values from the Scout Oath and Law. The BSA is connected with the K2BSA Amateur Radio Association, which promotes amateur ratio within the BSA via events such as the annual Jamboree on the Air. The BSA Council headquarters includes the WB6BSA Radio Room at Camp Balboa. A once functional radio room, it is currently suffering from termite damage, and missing all the radio transceivers that were stolen in a break-in that occurred immediately before the recent Jamboree on the Air event.

This grant will provide funding to rebuild WB6BSA into two Tough Sheds: one will be for a solar-powered ham radio room, and the other will be for a ham radio workshop, which will include transceivers that are modern and can be operated over the Internet remotely. This updated WB6BSA radio shack will allow for the BSA to continue to expose its youth to the hobby of amateur radio, paving the way to earn their Radio, Programming, and Electronics merit badges while enjoying an exciting hobby!

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