Grant: Support and Growth of Amateur Radio Education

Date: January 2024
Amount: $1,400

The West Bend Public Library has roots that date back to the 1880’s when it was held in the backroom of a local drug store: run by the store owner’s wife, it provided a place for high school students to study. Today, the library has its own building, sharing resources to other libraries through the Monarch Library System, and still holds to its roots of being run by “strong local women”, hosting programs that promote childhood literacy, and bringing community members of all ages together.

The West Bend Library aims to use amateur radio kits as a way to encourage the 10-15 year olds in their district to become interested in the STEM fields. With funding from ARDC, the Library will purchase radio kits, and with assistance from members from the Ozaukee Radio Club, they will teach kids how to solder, developing their skill set for ultimately building their own radios. Other activities will include educational sessions on both the principles of amateur radio and its importance in emergency communications. Finally, they will invite members of their local amateur radio community to share their stories and experiences to help provide real-world insights into the hobby.

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