ARDC Welcomes our new Communications Manager, Rebecca Key – KO4KVG

Rebecca Key KO4KVG headshotARDC is pleased to welcome Rebecca Key, KO4KVG, as our new Communications Manager. Her role is focused on content creation, like writing blog posts, press releases, and our newsletter, as well as some video production. Additionally, she’ll maintain, engage with our community via in-person conferences and social media platforms, and so much more. We’re grateful to have her on the team and are excited to work together!

About Rebecca

Based out of Atlanta, GA, Rebecca brings an array of experiences to ARDC – including scientific communications, front-end web development, and content creation (which focuses on her experiences as a ham radio operator). A first-generation college graduate, she obtained her B.S. in Chemistry from Augusta University and went on to obtain her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology. After 17 years in scientific research (in roles ranging from Laboratory Technician to Research Director), she transitioned into the tech field. There, she worked as a Front-End Engineer, building static websites and user interfaces for clients.

Rebecca was introduced to amateur radio by a former colleague, whom she considers to be her mentor. Her interest in radio stemmed from wanting an effective means of communication while enjoying the outdoors, where there is sometimes limited cell reception. She obtained her General Class amateur radio license in February 2021, and you will likely find her on the air as a POTA activator/hunter or as a SOTA activator. She enjoys interacting with fellow hams on social media and also volunteers on the POTA app as part of their development team. When she’s not on the air, she enjoys running, weightlifting, cycling, crocheting, and knitting.