Introducing ARDC’s Code of Conduct!

Last spring, ARDC conducted a survey to determine if we should adopt a Code of Conduct. The vast majority (~75%) of respondents Agreed or Strongly Agreed that we should. The ARDC team is pleased to share that, after many drafts, the day has finally come!

On April 7, ARDC’s Board of Directors approved the first Code of Conduct: 

The Code applies to ARDC staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors while conducting ARDC business, as well as participants in ARDC-hosted events and platforms, including community meetings, mailing lists, and technology development projects.

Having a code of conduct is important to us because we want ARDC to be a productive, inclusive, and harassment-free zone that is inviting to everyone. It also provides us with a clear path for dealing with misconduct on our mailing lists, forums, and other events.
This code of conduct is not exhaustive or complete. It is an ongoing effort to summarize our shared understanding and keeping it relevant will require sustained effort. We invite you to review the Code of Conduct yourself, and should you have suggestions, please submit them to

Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort. We think that it will go a long way to making ARDC the kind of organization we want it to be.