Ever since ARDC began awarding grants, scholarships have been a big focus for us. In 2023, our scholarship partners awarded nearly $1.6 million to students pursuing technical degrees. Overall, our partners have awarded scholarships to 313 ARDC scholars.

Photo collage of women that have earned scholarships from Washington Women in Need (WWIN)

Washington Women in Need (WWIN) programs support women by providing scholarships for higher education and equipping them with the skills they need to successfully launch their careers.

All of our scholarship grants successfully reach at least one underserved group, and most of our funded programs make selections based off of a mix of need and merit. Many students write to us to let us know that they would not be able to attend college without scholarship assistance.

For example, Washington Women In Need (WWIN) is managing 13 ARDC scholarships for women pursuing degrees in STEM. These women are often first-generation college students and mothers. In addition to the scholarship funds, participants in the program are provided career coaching, access to workshops, and networking opportunities to help them transition from students to high wage earners.

Our other scholarship partners include: