Grant: UCSD Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship

On February 1, 2020, ARDC made a $225,533 grant to the UC San Diego Foundation for the Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship, in memory of Brian Kantor, WB6CYT. Brian was a UCSD undergraduate, a long term employee at UCSD, and founded and spent many years volunteering for ARDC.

This donation will permanently endow the scholarship so that it can be given out
every year without needing further donations.

While living, Brian had often expressed a desire to support this scholarship, which annually funds one or more undergraduate students in the Center for Networked Systems within the Computer Science and Engineering department at the University of California at San Diego. These students are majoring in computer science or computer engineering, public policy, communications and other programs touching on networked systems.

Like Alan Turing, Brian was a gay man. This scholarship is offered to students who are active in supporting the LGBT community. ARDC is proud to honor Brian’s memory with an endowed scholarship that supports the education of students much like Brian.


Alan Turing Memorial Fund Sheet & Scholarship Report – FY 2020