Grant: Mobile Emergency Communication

Grant Date: August 2021
Amount: $40,600

The mission of the Lee County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Lee County ARES or LeeCARES) is to provide emergency radio communications to public safety organizations in the event normal communications fail or are inadequate. “Put simply, when ‘comms’ go down, we step up!”

Lee County ARES had previously been pledged a donation of a van with a 60’ mast by a local internet provider to use as an Emergency Communication vehicle. The grant funds from ARDC will be used to outfit the van and a trailer with a total of four workstations. Each workstation will consist of a dual band radio, power supply, headset, laptop, and monitor. One station will have HF/VHF/UHF capabilities and all four of the stations will have Winlink and digital mode capabilities.

They will use the van during emergencies to assist communities and First Responders with communications when regular communications fail or become inadequate in natural or man-made disasters. When not in use for emergencies or exercises, they will use the van for public outreach and events, including taking it to schools for educational purposes.

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