Grant: Syracuse STELLAR – Community development

Date: December 2021
Amount: $8,000

Focusing Our Resources for Community Enlightenment (FORCE) was founded by a small group of neighbors who love the Southside of Syracuse, NY. The organization tackles community problems by drawing on members’ inner strengths and developing social and educational programs that enlighten and inspire residents to collective action. Their goal is to demonstrate how pooling resources can transform our neighborhoods into decent places of living. Amateur radio is a part of FORCE’s dream to to help breathe life back into the community with innovative programming.

Syracuse Science Technology Enhanced Learning Laboratory for Amateur Radio (STELLAR), call sign KD2UU, is FORCE’s amateur radio club. Its goal is to introduce the community, more specifically the Black community, to amateur radio. Using amateur radio, STELLAR will provide STEM training for local youth and better prepare the  community to respond to emergency situations. ARDC’s grant will enable them to purchase equipment, books, and soldering kits that they will use to train new hams and set up a club station.

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