Grant: Utah VHF Society – Repeater Upgrade

Date: December 2021
Amount: $160,555

The Utah VHF Society has been providing amateur radio repeater services for over fifty years to many communities in Utah and adjacent states. The Society’s network of repeaters, the Intermountain Intertie, consists of: nine repeaters in the Wasatch Front, Northern & Central Utah, eight repeaters in Southern Utah, eight repeaters in Southern Idaho, and additional repeaters in Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, and Montana. This system is open to all licensed amateur radio operators and supports numerous community public service events and activities. The intertie system is now aging and much of the equipment is over twenty-five years old and in need of repair or replacement.

This grant will enable The Utah VHF Society to upgrade four of the key nodes of the intermountain intertie system (Farnsworth Peak, Snowbird, Blowhard, and Frisco Peak). As these sites are located on remote mountaintops, reliability is a major concern. The present sites all have aging repeaters, repeater controllers, and link radios that need replacing. The upgrade will enhance our system and make it much more reliable, and add a new internet capability using a new Ubiquity Network with future plans to work towards a digital transition of the overall system.

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