Gator Amateur Radio Club’s Remote Station Project

Date: September 2022
Amount: $12,700

The Gator Amateur Radio Club of the University of Florida that provides a place for currently licensed hams to operate and invites new students into the hobby. While the club has a great shack in the College of Dentistry/Shands Building, the club has come to realize that students, faculty, and alumni want to be able to operate the station remotely. This has been especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This grant will allow the club to set up a fully remote station using the club’s Flex 6600 radio. Purchases will include a Flex tuner, linear amplifier, and rotator controller. All of this equipment is remotely controllable. In addition, the club will purchase six, wide-bandwidth, high power lightning arrestors and an antenna switch that will disconnect the antennas from the station and ground them during the frequent lightning storms in the Gainseville area. Volunteers from the club will install and test this equipment, with oversight from four student officers and the station trustee.

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