Grant: Amateur Radio Station for the University of Scranton Amateur Radio Club

Date: May 2022
Amount: $167,327

The University of Scranton is a Jesuit university of almost 5,000 students in Scranton, Pennsylvania that offers accredited bachelors degrees in physics, electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and engineering management through its Department of Physics and Engineering. The University is committed to providing the highest quality of education in these technical fields to its students, becoming a leader and international center of radio science research, as well as providing outreach and service to the greater Scranton Community.

This grant is for the purchase and installation of a complete amateur radio station for the University of Scranton Amateur Radio Club. The station will enable students and other members of the University of Scranton community to learn about amateur radio, radio engineering, and radio science. With these funds, the club will acquire antenna systems and equipment to support HF, VHF, UHF, and microwave operations, including amateur satellite operations. In addition to serving the students of The University of Scranton, this installation will benefit the larger community by being accessible to outreach programs such as The Radio Blaster Physics Summer Camp, relationships with the Lackawanna and Luzerne County Emergency Communications Agencies, and activities related to Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation (HamSCI) research.

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