Grant: Antenna restoration and equipment upgrade for W8SH/W8MSU

Date: May 2022
Amount: $29,237

The Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club was formed in October of 1919 as students and faculty became fascinated by the possibilities of radio and wireless technology. The club’s first license was granted in 1919 with the call letters 8YG, and one of its first functions was to broadcast weather reports and farm market prices to Michigan farmers on a wavelength of 280 meters or 1070 kHz. In 1925, the commercial broadcast station separated from the amateur radio station. The ham station became 8XBU, while 8YG became WKAR. Two years later in 1927, the club’s call sign was changed to 8SH, which later became W8SH, the call sign that the club uses to this day.

This grant will allow the club to restore their antenna system, test feedlines, and upgrade equipment. These repairs and upgrades will enable the club to provide students with better opportunities to learn about radio science via amateur radio and encourage new members to join the club.

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