Grant: DSES Facility Upgrade

Date: May 2022
Amount: $299,959

The Deep Space Exploration Society (DSES) is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization dedicated to practical astronomy and space science, and amateur radio education for students, the general public, and society members. Their major project is restoring and operating a 60-foot dish antenna for radio astronomy and amateur radio experimenting. The site is located in Kiowa County, in Colorado. Since 2009, DSES volunteers have been working hard to restore and modernize the antenna and its support facilities. DSES currently supports radio astronomy and amateur radio projects with smaller antennas and provides educational outreach in radio astronomy and amateur radio.

Their goal is to become a regional center by constructing a modern building that will include a control room and ham shack large enough to accommodate visitors and student groups. The new facility will also have a meeting room, workshop, kitchenette, and a unisex restroom. An expanded control and educational building of 30 x 50 feet will enable DSES to engage universities and STEM students, participate in amateur radio contests, expand their investigation of weak signal propagation, and continue radio astronomy observations and data analysis of pulsars and hydrogen.

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