Grant: GCARC VHF/UHF Radios and Equipment

Date: May 2022
Amount: $11,148

The Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club (GCARC) is a social organization in New Jersey. Established in 1959 , the club holds monthly general membership meetings for their 140 members to conduct club business and for presentations about radio-related topics. The club also organizes an active Field Day activity and hosts the annual ARRL Section Convention and hamfest in September of each year, presenting technical sessions at that event. Unique among ham radio clubs the GCARC has a “clubhouse” that houses several amateur radio stations.

The goal of this funded project is to implement a VHF/UHF station at the GCARC clubhouse. The station will be used for day-to-day communication, but will also provide a platform for acquainting other hams with operation on the higher frequency bands and give them the opportunity to become familiar with equipment that may not be part of their personal ham shacks. It will also provide the infrastructure for experimentation and research at the higher UHF/microwave frequencies.

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