Grant: Hampton University STEM Programs

Date: November 2022
Amount: $203,800

Hampton University is dedicated to the promotion of learning, building of character, and the preparation of promising students for positions of leadership and service. The curriculum emphasizes scientific and professional skills with a strong liberal arts component. A historically black institution, Hampton University is firmly committed to multiculturalism. The University serves students from diverse national, cultural and economic backgrounds. From its beginnings to the present, the institution has enrolled students from five continents – North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe – and many countries including Gabon, Kenya, Ghana, Japan, China, Armenia, Great Britain and Russia, as well as the Hawaiian and Caribbean Islands and numerous American Indian nations.

This grant will allow Hampton University to offer four scholarships of $46,000 each to cover tuition and associated fees, room, board, and books. The grant will also support five current scholarships awarded to students who are pursuing STEM-related degrees in the fields of Engineering, Science, Physics and Mathematics and have experienced a gap in tuition, a financial need, or to supplement a merit-based scholarship.

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