Grant: OMIK Scholarship Fund

Date: November 2022
Amount: $30,000

The OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc. was founded on August 17, 1952 by Black hams in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky to deal with discrimination and to assist Black travelers with information on places where they could eat and lodge. Because membership in many other ham organizations was denied, a Black ham organization, with its own nets and other activities, was clearly needed. OMIK has grown over the years to an international, multi-racial, multi-cultural organization. The mission of the OMIK Scholarship fund is to encourage and motivate youth to continue postsecondary education, and to assist in the growth of amateur radio.

This grant will provide the funds needed to offer more financial assistance to qualified students involved in postsecondary education. The funds will also be used for scholar recruitment and to purchase radio equipment for amateur radio digital mode classes.

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