Grant: Project Hancock Connect

Date: July 2022
Amount: $20,900

The mission of the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency (HCEMA) is to ensure the safety of the people and property in Hancock County. The agency is staffed by a full-time paid director, a part time paid deputy director, and four volunteer coordinators. The agency serves a mostly rural county of 306 square miles with a population of just under 80,000 people. The agency provides support to nine fire departments, eight law enforcement agencies and the consolidated county 911 center. The equipment detailed in this grant proposal would be directly used to enhance to effectiveness of the agency to support these public safety partners and the community as a whole.

This grant will allow the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency to:

  • Upgrade equipment in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to enable digital voice and data communications when needed.
  • Purchase equipment for portable stations that they can deploy to hospitals, government offices, and other strategic location.
  • Purchase equipment that can be loaned to volunteers in an emergency situation, disaster, or planned event.

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