Grant: Wireless Regional Area Network in Sub-GHz Bands as Last Mile for HAMNET

Date: March 2022
Amount: $62,775

The Austrian Radio Amateur Society (OEVSV) has been developing a new digital transmission procedure allowing high speed data communication in Sub-GHz Frequency bands in order to provide a last mile access to HAMNET. This development project includes both software and hardware, provided as a kit known as the RPX-100, to allow radio amateurs to use it right out of the box for their own projects.

This grant will support further development and rollout of the WRAN base stations and CPEs in Austria in hopes of motivating a larger community of developers and radio amateurs. The Institute of Telecommunications at the Vienna University of Technology is participating in this project by offering support and advice during the development phase. The project has been granted a special permit by the Austrian Telecommunication Authority to test operation of such a new digital communication system in the radio amateur VHF and UHF bands. As next steps, OEVSV will move into the completion of the software modules and a field testing at multiple locations in Austria. The WRAN project is lead by skilled and experienced radio amateur volunteers.

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