Grant: North Middle School HF Station

Date: November 2023
Amount: $4,500

The North Middle School Radio Club is a group of students, staff, and alumni that focus on educational outreach and providing real-world experiences with all things electromagnetic, with the secondary goal of helping members to acquire their Technician Class license. The group also wants to demonstrate operating on multiple modes, which includes the ability to operate HF equipment and connect with others around the world. Unfortunately, the group has been limited by their vulnerable and outdated equipment that can only operate Single Side Band (SSB) on the 20 and 40 m bands.

This grant will provide funding to upgrade their vintage radio equipment with more modern equipment with reliable hardware. As a result, group members will be able to operate on digital modes, as well as on higher bands, all of which will further their learning of amateur radio and its intricacies while utilizing modern equipment that is less costly to repair.

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