Grant: Redwood Road Electrical Repairs

Date: March 2023
Amount: $3,959

For over 30 years, the Lehi Amateur Radio Club (LARC) has provided amateur radio repeater services to Utah County citizens. Their network includes four linked repeater systems serving a population of over 470,000, and they also offer technical support and equipment to individuals, clubs, and other repeater systems.

Unfortunately, the club’s Redwood Road operating site, with power provided via a 300 ft. underground conduit, has experienced loss of the Neutral Leg of their feed line; this has resulted in water infiltration of the conduit, shorting out the entire feed. Additionally, their battery banks are beginning to fail, and an attempt to charge the batteries with an external charger irreversibly damaged their controller and repeater. While Redwood Road’s site owner is willing to dig the new trench and provide an electrician to install a new power line into the facility, LARC will need to provide the materials.

This grant will provide funding for LARC to restore grid power to one of their key repeater sites; replace the main battery backup system with a more rugged battery; and replace their damaged controller and repeater.

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