Grant: Engaging and Educating Indigenous Youth in Amateur Radio Through Hands-on Space Science Activities

Date: February 2024
Amount: $43,000

The Freedom Preparatory Academy is a public charter school in Vineyard, Provo, and St George Utah. The Freedom Preparatory Academy has a newer amateur radio club currently interested in putting together a set of educational activities for students in grades 6-12 both at their home location in Utah and also with the Central Consolidated School District at the Shiprock Reservation in New Mexico.

This grant will support activities to engage youth, including:

  1. Setting up an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact.
  2. Setting up in-person visits between students at the Freedom Preparatory Academy School in Utah and the Central Consolidated School in New Mexico.
  3. Setting up regular amateur radio communication activities between the two schools.
  4. Collaboration with the Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club and the Totah Amateur Radio Club for mentoring.
  5. Planning a Summer Youth event for both schools with workshops, hands on activities and amateur radio demonstrations.
  6. Hosting a high altitude balloon launch event.

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