Grant: Historic WWII US Navy Ship’s Antenna Restoration and Equipment Modernization to Support Expanded Operation of the Hornet Amateur Radio Club’s Ability to Promote Amateur Radio on the Air and Through Lessons Added to Existing Educational and Live-Aboard Programs at the USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum

Date: January 2024
Amount: $90,000

The USS Hornet Amateur Radio Club (HARC), established in July 2002, aims to promote interests in both amateur radio and the USS Hornet Museum to the club, crewmembers of the USS Hornet, and to the general public. They do this by providing an immersive historical environment, aboard the USS Hornet, to experience and learn the facets of amateur radio. To date, HARC has successfully combined the history of radio communications with valuable hands-on opportunities to educate its visitors of the importance of said radio communications both past and present. To continue to provide these services and programs to their community, upgrades to the Museum’s radio equipment, antennas, computer hardware, and facilities are needed.

This grant will provide funding to restore and modernize the radio equipment and facilities on the USS Hornet, thus providing a path to continue HARC’s work in amateur radio education, promotion, and historical preservation. As a result, HARC will have the ability to grow their membership (namely among the local youth), expanding its goal to invoke interest in amateur radio and communications technology. Also, HARC will be able to continue offering amateur radio enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about and operate cutting-edge equipment while also utilizing the historical equipment where appropriate.

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