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What is is a platform that allows for managing email lists, along with providing options for joining various groups and subgroups, thus encouraging communication and collaboration in specific topics. Upon joining a group, you can participate in email discussions and share files, keeping you current with what’s going on in a given community.

General information about can be found here: overview

Main URL: (this will redirect to

Within our Main group, you have the option of joining many of our subgroups. Though some groups are private (like one for the 44Net coordinators) most of them are not. All of these subgroups give you a great opportunity to meet new folks and stay up-to-date about what is going on in the part of our community that interests you the most!

Public subgroups:

How to find from

There are two ways to link to from every page on

  • The ‘Join Our Community Discussion on’ button on the sidebar
  • The icon on the footer

ARDC homepage showing where users can find links to

How to join

To join ARDC on, you must first request to join the ‘Main’ group.

  1. Go to and select ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner if you do not have an account. Otherwise, proceed to Step 3.
  2. homepage

  3. Once you’re on the page that prompts you to create your account, provide your email address, select a password, and click ‘Create an Account’.
  4. signup form

  5. Once you have an account, go to At the bottom of the page, if you’re already logged in, click the button to ‘+Apply for Membership in this Group’ and wait for the notice saying that you’ve been approved!
  6. Main page

Once you’re approved, you are automatically added to the Community subgroup, and from here, you can join many of the other subgroups that are available to you. Please note that your first two posts must be approved by one of the moderators. After that, as long as you follow ARDC’s Code of Conduct, you will be allowed to post without moderation.

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