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ARISS SPARKs Kids’ Interest in Space

For more than 20 years, Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) has been connecting elementary, middle, and high school students with scientists and engineers aboard the International Space Station (ISS) using amateur radio. ARISS is involved from start to finish, including designing and building on-orbit amateur radio equipment, reviewing proposals for ARISS contacts … Read More

Curiosity and Experimentalism on Display at 2023 HamSCI Workshop

At ARDC, two of our top values are curiosity and experimentalism. We actively look for opportunities to learn something new–particularly from our grantees and community members–and we encourage our staff, volunteers, and grantees to try new things and take risks. When we do learn something new, or a risk taken pays off, we like to … Read More

A Small Grant Makes a Big Impact for College Club

At ARDC, we think that both education and amateur radio are important, so what better way to support and promote both than to invest in college amateur radio clubs? Case in point: a modest investment in K7UAZ, the University of Arizona Amateur Radio Club, has paid big dividends. An $8,287 grant in 2021 enabled the … Read More

ARDC Scholarship Helps Betty Aita Pursue Her Dream

Betty Aita Rukh-Kamaa is currently a senior studying electrical engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, but her engineering career actually started in the third grade. That’s when she started participating in Science Fair, under the tutelage of her father, a data scientist. “Every year, my dad and I would really go gung ho … Read More

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