2022 Grants


Date Grantee Project Amount
July 2022 Hancock County Emergency Management Agency Project Hancock Connect $20,900
May 2022 AlterMundi LibreRouterOS: Mesh-wide vision $294,000
May 2022 University of Scranton Amateur Radio Club Amateur Radio Station $167,327
May 2022 The Deep Space Exploration Society DSES Facility Upgrade $299,959
May 2022 Lincoln Middle/High School HF Capabilities $22,275
May 2022 The Central Michigan Amateur Network Central Michigan Emergency Network Mi6 WAN Project $250,945
May 2022 The Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club Antenna restoration and equipment upgrade for W8SH/W8MSU $29,237
May 2022 The Montrose Amateur Radio Club Montrose CO ARC Club Trailer $8,850
May 2022 Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club GCARC VHF/UHF Radios and Equipment $11,148
May 2022 TAPR TangerineSDR Project Advancement $125,540
May 2022 Tooele County School District’s Community Learning Center Engaging and Youth in Amateur Radio via Kinesthetic Space Related Activities $29,640
May 2022 Providence Radio Association W1OP System Upgrade $18,500
May 2022 East Tennessee Repeater Association Chilhowee Mountain Ridgeline Tower Replacement $64,087
May 2022 Eau Claire Amateur Radio Club Connecting, Promoting, Serving, and Educating our Community with Amateur Radio $23,516
May 2022 Eastern States Exposition Raising Awareness of Amateur Radio at the Eastern States Exposition $10,000
May 2022 Espoo Radio Club Independent 5GHz Backbone IP Network for Public Amateur Radio Services in Finland 99,915 €
May 2022 Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society Enhanced, Scalable Repeater for Emergency Communications $84,362
May 2022 The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting National VOA Museum STEM Lab Expansion $25,500
May 2022 University of California, Santa Barbara Community Network Characterization: Exploring New Metrics for Innovative Internet Connectivity Solutions $109,648
May 2022 The Center for Amateur Radio Learning Upgrade of Amateur Radio Station at the Arizona Science Center $12,602
May 2022 National Radio Astronomy Observatory Why Ham Radio Matters $315,123
May 2022 Sangamon Valley Radio Club Growing Participation in Amateur Radio Direction Finding $1,824
May 2022 North Idaho Repeater Group Antenna System Replacement $26,150
May 2022 Salem Amateur Radio Club Repeater Upgrade & HAMcamp course $22,000
May 2022 Washington Women in Need Scholarships $85,000
May 2022 Spout Springs Repeater Association Amateur Radio for Kids $11,859
May 2022 Rhode Island Communications Unit Emergency Mesh Network and Digital Voice Repeater Network $83,000
May 2022 Spring Creek Middle School Amateur Radio Class $5,027
May 2022 Lehi Amateur Radio Club Repeater Upgrade $9,664
May 2022 University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club Efforts to Repair, Improve, Preserve and Advance Amateur Radio Activities $5,026
May 2022 South Mountain Radio Amateur Club Amateur Radio Educational Program $13,452
May 2022 African Community Housing & Development Summer Intensive Program Inspiring African Diaspora Youth $60,492
Apr 2022 Northeastern Indiana Amateur Radio Association Amateur Radio  Trailer $24,927
Apr 2022 Hampton University Scholarships for Hampton University Students $200,746
Apr 2022 Perryville High School, Rising Sun, MD Eagle Scout Service Project $4,100
Apr 2022 University of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame Radio Society (ND1U) $14,200
Apr 2022 Radio Scouting, Inc. Amateur Radio in Boy Scouts $8,000
Apr 2022 Fernwood Elementary School Fernwood Elementary HF/ ARDEN Station $4,000 CAD
Apr 2022 Cibola Country Office of Emergency Management Emergency Communications in Cibola Country $2,000
Mar 2022 Marin County Sheriff Office’s RACES/ACS Unit Support for North Bay Area Mesh $92,000
Mar 2022 Austrian Radio Amateur Society (OEVSV) Wireless Regional Area Network in Sub-GHz Bands as Last Mile for HAMNET $62,775
Mar 2022 Marin County Sheriff’s Office RACES/ACS Unit Support for North Bay Area Mesh $92,000
Mar 2022 GNU Radio GNU Radio Usability Enhancements $263,011
Mar 2022 Pleasant Valley Telecommunications Advisory Council Ventura County, California Ham Radio Network Expansion/Upgrade $154,000
Mar 2022 Bradley University DAEmod-915: Open-Source Open-Hardware 915MHz Digital Transceiver $1,950
Mar 2022 Texas A&M University Expansion and Equipment Upgrade for The AggieSat Laboratory $15,904
Mar 2022 Science is Elementary Jasmine and Jose Build a Radio and the Engineering Challenge: Build a Radio $52,600
Mar 2022 Youth on the Air Youth on the Air Camp 2022
Feb 2022 Colorado School of Mines Quantitative Electromagnetic Visualization of Microwave Circuits Under Realistic Operating Conditions $250,000
Feb 2022 AMSAT Develop a 3U Open Source CubeSat Space Frame With Deployable Solar Panels $94,000