New grants management system to make applying for and tracking grants easier

HyphaSince ARDC began awarding grants, we’ve been using a software package called HotCRP. While HotCRP has served us reasonably well, it’s designed to manage conference paper submissions, not grant applications.

Enter Hypha. Hypha is an open-source submission management platform designed to receive and manage applications for funding. It’s easy to use, secure, privacy-focused, and has a modern user interface. This should make it easier for grantees to navigate the system.

Other features that we feel make it a better choice for us include:

  • the ability for us to more easily send messages to grantees when an application has been awarded or rejected,
  • the ability for our reviewers to score applications, and
  • more sorting features that will make it easier for us to track our awards.

Most importantly, Hypha is highly customizable. Over time, we’ll be able to add plenty of features that will help manage active grants as well as grant applications.

All applications received after July 15, 2022, will be reviewed and evaluated using Hypha! If you have submitted an application after that date or have an incomplete application, you’ll need to enter your information in the new system. The questions are all the same, so it should be a fairly easy process.

To set up an account, go to and click the Apply button. Note that even if you had an account on our old system, you’ll have to set one up on our new system.

If you have any questions about the new system, or are having trouble applying for a grant, contact us by emailing

Many thanks to our technology partners at Open Tech Strategies for their work bringing Hypha to life. And many thanks to our grant applicants who make the work we do at ARDC worthwhile.