Now Accepting Applications for the 2023 Technical Advisory Committee

Please submit applications by Nov. 12, 2022!

We are now accepting applications from those wishing to serve on our Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in 2023. These are volunteer positions, with a term of one year (January to December).

About the TAC
The primary role of the TAC is to advise on 44Net technology, architecture, and policy. In 2022, the committee worked on providing feedback on a survey released to 44Net users, which garnered over 1700 responses from all over the world. Additionally, they developed a feature requirements document for an updated portal, which we use for 44Net address space allocations.

2023 Goals & Time Commitment
In 2023, the TAC will continue its work on refining 44Net use-cases and standards. Goals include further development of the portal mentioned above, researching and developing a proposal for Points for Presence (PoPs) based on existing use cases and best practices, and conversations  with the 44Net community about IPv6. Note that though there may be some prototyping and development, the majority of the work may be document-focused.

The TAC usually meets once or twice a month for at least an hour. Additional time may be spent working on or taking meetings related to the projects mentioned above.

How to Apply
If you are interested in joining the TAC, please send a resume and brief cover letter to by November 12, 2022. In your cover letter, which can be brief, please outline:

  • Your experience with 44Net, networking, development, and/or amateur radio,
  • Your experience working with networking and similar technologies, and
  • What you could see yourself contributing in 2023.

We’ll review all applications and seek to make a determination by December 7, 2022. Meetings will begin mid-January.

For more information about the roles and duties of these committees, you can read the Advisory Committee Policy in full here.

Please direct any questions to

We’re looking forward to reading your application!