2021 Grants

2021-12 Internet Archive Building the Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications $889,405
2021-12 Highline Amateur Radio Club (HARC) Equipping Digital Radio Site Infrastructure in SeaTac Area $183,229
2021-12 Deutscher Amateur Radio Club Fixing the Linux kernel AX.25 €179,690
2021-12 ARRL Foundation Amateur Radio Club Grant Program $600,000
2021-12 Rhizomatica Communications Digital HF Telecommunications for Civil and Amateur Uses $335,940
2021-12 Virginia Tech Foundation 4-H Youth Station and Outreach Trailer $33,900
2021-12 Focusing our Resources for Community Enlightenment Community development through amateur radio $8,000
2021-12 Utah VHF Society Repeater upgrade $160,555
2021-12 Bellingham Makerspace Building out capability of new ram radio group $62,785
2021-11 Society of Women Engineers (SWE) SWE 2021 Programs $318,000
2021-11 The Southwest Louisiana Amateur Repeater Club (SWLARC) Hurricane Laura Recovery and New Trailer $95,000
2021-11 San Francisco Wireless Emergency Mesh Building a Wireless Backbone in the High Sierras $147,144
2021-11 PAPA Repeater System Infrastructure Improvements of the PAPA System $157,425
2021-11 Deutscher Amateur Radio Club Paving the way to use GSM/GPRS technology on amateur radio bands €249,424
2021-11 HacDC Amateur Radio Club (HARC) HacDC Amateur Radio Club upgrades and engagement $26,319
2021-11 Middle Eastern Technical University Open-source Software Framework for Teaching and Experimenting Distributed Algorithms on Wireless Networks $43,200
2021-11 Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club Upgrading the Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club “Shack” $22,000
2021-11 Franklin W Olin College Of Engineering Addressing Gender and Diversity Imbalances in Engineering $671,878
2021-11 Valley Radio Club of Oregon Eugene Science Center amateur radio station upgrade $16,525
2021-11 OMIK Amateur Radio Association OMIK Scholarship Fund $50,000
2021-10 The Lamorinda CERT Foundation Digital emergency communications $23,200
2021-10 Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association Emergency communications bus $116,399
2021-10 ARISS-USA Amateur radio contacts between schools and the International Space Station $1,292,515
2021-10 Amateur Radio Experimenter’s Group Support and development of the SondeHub platform $8,300
2021-10 University of Oregon University club portable amateur radio stations $25,606
2021-10 Princeton University A Fine-Grained 5G Wireless Telemetry Platform for Faster Wireless Networks $91,687
2021-10 Outreachy Paid Remote Scholarships $150,000
2021-10 Colorado School of Mines Undergraduate Scholarship Support and Inclusive Programming $150,000
2021-10 The Intrepid DX Group Essay Contest $1,500
2021-09 Purdue University Network Analytics Tools for Understanding Wireless Systems $64,213
2021-09 University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) Controlling Commodity NB-IoT Devices via Of-the-Shelf Amateur Radios: A Software-Centric Solution $69,053
2021-09 Blount Emergency Amateur Radio Service (BEARS) Communications Trailer $11,750
2021-09 Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Expanding Multi-state, 5 GHz Microwave Network in Rockies and Outfitting Communication Trailers $374,233
2021-09 YASME Foundation Infrastructure Improvements $27,955
2021-09 University of Southern Mississippi Bringing Amateur Radio Back to the University of Southern Mississippi $8,098
2021-09 Chippewa Valley Amateur Radio Club Repeater Coverage Expansion
2021-09 Reproducible Builds Further Collaboration $115,000
2021-09 Haiti International Friendship Amateur Radio Club Establishing a HF network in Haiti $14,864
2021-08 TAPR Tangerine SDR Test Fixtures $97,000
2021-08 University of Oklahoma Equipment Upgrade for the Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society $22,983
2021-08 Lee County Amateur Radio Emergency Service Mobile Emergency Communication $40,600
2021-08 Norwich Free Academy Satellite and ARISS Ground Station $9,769
2021-08 ARRL Foundation 2022 Scholarships $761,250
2021-08 Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay Improving Emergency Communication in Tillamook County $34,101
2021-08 Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society Public Relations Trailer $13,797
2021-07 Paradox Sonic Space Research Agency 1U CubeSat $17,300
2021-07 Ski Country Amateur Radio Club Microwave System Replacement $3,561
2021-06 Case Western Reserve University Engineering Undergraduate Senior Project Support $2,000
2021-06 Allstarlink Radio over IP (ROIP) app enhancements, infrastructure improvement $12,000
2021-06 California High School (CHS) Incorporating Constructivism and the Maker Mentality  $9,950
2021-06 Bridgerland Amateur Radio Club (BARC) Educating Youth in Amateur Radio Through Hands-on Space Science Activities $17,831
2021-05 Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club Loaner Radios & Repeater Replacement $4,454
2021-05 OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society Portable Satellite Ground Station $5,288
2021-05 OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society Repeater Site Internet Connectivity $11,752
2021-05 ARESLAX, inc. Locating Radiofrequency Interference (RFI) sources in Los Angeles County, CA $23,600
2021-05 Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club K6TZ Amateur Radio Station at Chrisman California Islands Center $35,550
2021-05 Cascade ARS dba Oregon HamWAN Backbone Project 2021 $88,391
2021-05 Case Western Reserve University Tower Replacement at W8EDU $81,763
2021-05 The MIT Radio Society Radome Renewal $1,620,000
2021-05 The University of Arizona Amateur Radio Club Digital Mode and Long-Term Equipment Investments $8,287
2021-05 Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology (MOST) Amateur Radio on the International Space Station $4,122
2021-04 Deutcher Amateur Radio Club, E.V. (DARC) OpenWebRX €95.000
2021-04 Deutcher Amateur Radio Club, E.V. (DARC) European Radio Network (HAMNET) Support €163.400
2021-04 Open Research Institute M17 Open Protocol $250,000
2021-04 Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival $112,200
2021-04 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Princeton/Central Jersey Section Make Operating Radio Easier (MORE) $200,000
2021-03 ARRL Foundation 2021-2022 Scholarships $203,000
2021-02 Woodridge Middle School Operation Hamulanche $5,453